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  Nigerian syndrome Everything has to be a lie, or not completely true It's just too good to be true How can it be that cheap? How can it be this simple? No not here; not in this country You can't just give me a free lift; you definitely want something from me How can you offer a voluntary service? No not here; not in this country You saw the money in a bag and you didn't pick it up? That's hard to believe; impossible I would say I could go on and on about this matter But hear me Ingenuity exists, so does genuity  Don't forget that Flee from this syndrome By: Sambasy
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  When things were simpler Raindrops were considered joyous  And not a nuisance to our activities  Your clothing didn't matter As long as you were in—the game I mean When things were simpler Not having mega money wasn't a crime  As long as you could afford the balloons strung to that hard paper When things were simpler  Being naive was glorious  You needed not to feel the weight—that of the world But now, like Merlin, you carry it on your shoulders  Is it a blessing or a curse? No answer for that one Everything changed—why? You grew up. By: Sambasy


  Yeah this time remains a mystery He came to me and hugged me And O his hug felt like a refreshing balm to my wounds I thought of every moment I left him behind and sobriety filled my soul Then came the awakening of my journey Every darkness, filled with light So bright it pierced my soul deeply  I began to sync his matters with mine And he directed the uncharted paths that I had willingly treaded upon  I now surrender With humble submission And was given the torch To guide the steps of men The touch that remains burning By: Doting Dion


  O the depth of the riches And wisdom and knowledge  Of God How unsearchable are His judgements  And how inscrutable; His ways For who has known the mind of the Lord? Who has been His counsellor? Who has given a gift to Him That he might be repaid? For from Him Through Him To Him Are all things  To Him be glory forever.  By: Paul


  It's been nine Number so kind Nine of fine memories Memories worth treasuries It's been nine Times so nice Pieces of events Dicy and spicy It's been nine Times so small but fly Days so fast but pass Fleeting moments  And moments that last Pictures so frail but sail deep Actions perfect or imperfect  It's been nine  Nine so fine By: Ever


  Tell me the hard truth even if it'll break me I'm not as good as I think I am—at least not yet Tell me I'm going the wrong way And that I'm doing it the wrong way I do not promise that I'll listen—not instantly Nevertheless, tell me. Tell me the hard truth even if it'll shatter me I have believed in a lie all my life—if that's what it seems Tell me I got it all wrong And that I'm headed for destruction Your words will eventually prevail—if they're true indeed Just speak them.  Tell me the hard truth even if you're showing off I'm aware that you want to feel better than me Cos you don't see your own faults Just that of others—blind man I'll listen anyways I haven't got any other choice, have I? By:Sambasy


  For the first time I heard that all roads  Lead to love Could that be true?  I highly doubt that  Cos I walked on a road  And was confused on  What path to take next  In my search for love  Unfortunately, I got stuck In the  Middle of the road  So I gave up and walked away. By: Tracy