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  I will love you forever I will be by your side no matter what The whole Earth is what I'll give you I hope that's enough  Cos all I have are promises Your eyes will never see shame You'll be the talk of the Universe not just the town Envied by all I hope that's enough Cos all I have are promises Heavy words they are Exotic and high classed But very risky I hope they'll be enough Cos all I have are promises Will you still sail with me?  Par: Sambasy
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  Fidelis was up all night. His eyes refused to close—but how could they? They were there with him—those demons—in that small room. The air went thin. He wasn't breathing fine. His head ached as flashes of memories came on him. He was suffocating. They had finally come for him. The wrongs he did. The ladies he abused and sexually disrespected. They had all come for him.  He had heard of such stories but never truly believed them.   He was told about them—these demons of the past. They don't show up as long as you continue in their path. Their ugly heads come up when something threatens their hold of you. But Nah! He didn't believe. But how could he? A person seldom believes that what he doesn't have or hasn't heard of exists.  Now, there he was, boxed in a corner—shivering. “If somehow he survives the night, he'll turn a new leaf", so was his thought. But then again, why did he have to wait till this point?  Par: Sambasy


  I finally left the church. I wasn't my mother's daughter, after all. Unlike mama, I couldn't sit still every Sunday and pretend that life was great outside the walls.  I was too exhausted to try to atone. Besides, I had seen first hand the vanity of atonement. My mother tried for most of her life in vain. She finally understood she was forgiven.  Mama accepted the love and forgiveness she was offered. I couldn't. I had done things to myself and others with my eyes wide open. I knew but I couldn't shrug off sin easily.  I met and fell in love with a rising music star. Mama warned me he was no good but I had plugged my ears with his sweet nothings.  I got pregnant and he discarded me. He said I was just one among many. I was too afraid of the responsibility and extremely terrified of the shame, so I aborted.  They tell you the foetus is just a gathering of tissues, and that you're not killing something that isn't even formed. They say it is your body and you


  I began studying  your pattern That majestic rhythmic movement Oh how it flows like the spring Giving an untamed harmony like the fountain Your royal movement brings acceptance to the rejected  Your touch makes the unseen becomes seen Your countenance is a billboard that shows the way to pure Love I began studying your pattern so I've said That glow that emanates from you Oh how jealous you make the sun feel How dark the moon is in comparison to you The stars are mere bling-bling compared to your light Again, I began studying your pattern That majestic rhythmic movement  Par: Sambasy


  I grew up in church. We were there at the opening and stayed till it was clear and empty.  I was an only child of a street club dancer. My mama was a pole dancer by night. She hated it, hated how she felt afterward but mama had to fend for us.  My birth certificate read unknown father. It was another thing that my mother felt deep shame about. She had a one-night stand with a total stranger. I heard it one night as she cried to God in anguish.  Mama would smile at folks in the church and volunteer for every activity. Many days she couldn't see through the guilt and exhaustion. I learned as I grew older that she was atoning.  A man in the church started to visit and bring nice gifts for us. I saw mama's eyes light up each time he came around, then grow heavy with sadness. Mama was so overridden with guilt that she couldn't accept anything good.  Then one day the preacher talked about that scripture that says, You knit me together in my mother's womb. While I was still


  There was a time when I thought I was wise When folly was indeed my companion A time when I couldn't  differentiate seasons Only Present existed; Future and Past were not considered  A time of folly but not entirely a wasted time.  There was a time when I couldn't have fun Because I was scared of hurting myself and others  When in fact I didn't know the correct definition of fun I soon discovered that "playing safe" never guarantees "being safe" A time of discovering the right definitions to abused concepts.  There was a time when I thought I had found love Love was indeed findable but not by me I lacked the required tools for this hunt But was passionately blinded to this truth A time when I found the appearance of love but alas it was lust.  There was a time when I wanted to be loved and accepted  Because I felt less of a person A time when I strived to be among the big boys  Instead of being a better version of myself. A time when inferiority comple


  We're often not aware of certain negativities in us. Some of us have grown in the art of hiding them while some of us choose to ignore their existence in an attempt to not feel their effects. A few of us have chosen to call a spade a spade so we face this negativity head-on with an unrelenting passion to destroy it. However, there seems to be this ill-mannered trait in individuals that shows its ugly head in an unexpected time and place thereby bringing shame and disgrace to many—especially good men. When they confront it, it stays low, hiding, waiting patiently to manifest again. It isn't so easily killed. With this attribute, we find ourselves sometimes doing the things we do not intend to do. What's our hope in such a situation?—Light; Absolute Light. Par: Sambasy.